If you love mathematics, and always wanted to be a math tutor then there are a few things that needs to be considered.You need to be able to convey the lesson clearly to the students in a way that they can understand. Regardless, of the great teaching methods, there are instances when teachers make mistakes as well. As you read on, you will find a few things that should be avoided in order to become a good teacher.

Before moving further, as a teacher you should have an online presence because now many parents and children search for classes online. You can always ensure that you pop up when some researches for maths tuition Singapore, and have previous students give their reviews as well.

Do not be big headed

This is a common trait of all teachers who think that they know it all and that they are the best. In any profession, you need to be humble. Be confident in the area that you teach and do not tell everyone that you know the practice of other areas such as geometry or calculus. Know the level of students you can teach; if you are able to teach high school math then you must stick to it and not try and teach college students.


Marketing yourself

This might the greatest cost that you will incur. Marketing yourself is very important and with the current technology there are many online platforms available. There are marketing techniques available online for free. The easiest platforms that are available for free are Facebook and LinkedIn. Have your friends and family spread the word and share your online profiles with their connections. Print out some business cards and get them done through a professional. You can get one hundred cards printed for a small price.


A workspace

Once you have students coming in for tuition, you might have to have a stable place where you can teach them. This also includes having enough space where the students would not feel crowded, tables and chairs, airconditioner, and a white or black board to teach. The location of the class should be in a safe area where children can get to and should be clean.

Teaching methods

Your teaching methods should be focusing of the type of students you teach. For example, you should not try to teach high school students the way that college students are thought. Since college education is a little bit more advanced, the complexities might not be understood by the high school students. Know your students and then your teaching methods will be highly effective.


Benchmark against other successful tuition centres and classes as to how much they charge from students. Based on this, you can come up with you fee chart.


Using these tips, you will avoid a few unnecessary mistakes and be on the road to becoming a successful tuition tutor!

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