Posting on social media is something that everyone can easily do. It is about creating a post, writing the content, coming up with some graphics and posting it right? Not really. Of course that is the straightforward way to post if you were living back in the day when everybody was a stranger to social media. But today, everybody is busy figuring out the next brilliant way to make a social media campaign break the records and achieve maximum potential, which is why competition is sky high. So in order for you to remain on the radar of the customer and not simply become a blip on their landscape you need to do your part right. Here are some helpful tips that can give you an idea about how you can post effectively and not just shoot blind.

Targeted Boosting For the Right Demographics

Highly targeted or detailed posting and boosting happens when you understand and can therefore cater to the demographics of your audience properly. The biggest reason why many people seek the help of a Digital Marketing Agency would be because it takes a great deal of time and energy to monitor the demographics and understand what it is about. You can monitor the demographics of your audience to get to know some important factors such as the gender, age groups, nationalities, preferences and other specifics of the people that visit your page the most or read your posts and engage with them most often. This is what you need to do, rather than wasting money randomly boosting and creating posts. You can target this group and cater to them. On the flip side, if the demographics of your consumers seem to be different to what you actually need for the business, change the strategy of your advertising.

Find Out the Best Days and Times to Post with Insights

Next, would be to monitor the insights reports of your Facebook page on a weekly basis and at the end of a given period of time, say a month, you can find out what days and what times your posts get the most attention. Then you can schedule your future posts to fall within these slots so that they automatically get maximum coverage and your page gains more traffic. These days and times can change regularly, so you will need to keep checking and change your scheduling accordingly as well.

Find Out Which Type of Advert Is Right For You

Next, find out what type of advert is best suited for your needs. This way you can actually save a lot of money. For example, if you have five images that you need to post and boost, instead of creating five separate adverts, create one carousel advert with a single caption that gets everything and all five images. You basically spend the same amount you would for an advert and get everything that you needed to get across done. It reduces work and costs.

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